Finally, I've had time to deal with the problems regarding anti.
This page and the mail-service is now hosted at due to the inreliability of the current internet-connection., the actual anti web-server, is currently located in my appartment instead of a real server-room, without AC or UPS, connected to a consumer-grade router and using a dynamic IP.
Two of the harddrives have been replaced since they've experienced heat-death and the fans have been switched so that I can have the server running even when we're sleeping.

Today the new server,, went online. Hopefully, everything will work straight away. If not, mail us and we will fix. =) Remember: To use your mail, type your whole email-adress as your username and don't forget to activate authenticated-smtp in your mail-client.

What's on this server?
Here's a list of sites.

Information about how to setup your mail-client, etc,
can be found here.

technical information:
Celeron 1.7GHz, 136GB + 80GB, 256MB ram.


last reboot due to:
Hardware reconfiguration.

contact us by mail:
Andreas Mattsson:
andreas at anti dot nu

Mikael Wänberg:
morphidus at anti dot nu

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